Cthulu: End Times

Post-Apocalypse in the Arctic
A history of what has happened...or is to come ...

The History of the Arctic Base
*Players’ Timeline *

May 4, 1996: The Pierce Antarctic base, named after the renowned explorer lost in the area in the 1920s, is established by the United States.

August 14, 2006: The Pierce Antarctic Base is opened up to the UN.

February 14, 2030: The Pierce Arctic base is closed down as part of the general budget crunch of 2030. The money originally allocated for the base is used to fund a study of welfare money usage in California.

June 22, 2039: The UN Antarctic Base is reopened, after being abandoned for nearly a decade, to study the effect of the moon’s shift in Antarctica.

August 24, 2046: A UN military contingent is added to the UN Antarctic Base and it is equipped with special communication equipment used to coordinate military activity (primarily submarines) in the region.

October 22, 2054: With the collapse of all human governments, the UN Base becomes an
independent command associated with the American and Russian missile submarines in the region.

October 31, 2055: After receiving orders from LeSarre, the UN base commander directs the remaining American and Russian submarines in their final launch.

November 2, 2055: Emergency transmissions received from three American and two Russian submarines, reporting that they are under attack. Nothing further is heard from the submarines. Contact is still maintained with the orbital facilities via lasers.

April 26, 2056: The shifting of the moon (for unknown reasons) which has been causing shifting in the antarctic ice sheet as well as a rising water levels in the region, partially exposes a large object in the ice, which is spotted by a surveillance satellite. A helicopter is dispatched from the base to investigate. The helicopter lands and the exploration team reports finding a structure, apparently of extreme age.

April 27-28, 2056: The exploration team examines the structure carefully. They first report finding an incredibly well preserved body, which they suspect is Pierce, many human skulls and bones, as well as a frozen tent. Later, they report finding a sturdy iron box frozen in the ice. They report finding an odd, star-shaped stone in it as well as some damaged papers and an etched piece of metal. The expedition members report feeling vaguely ill and there is concern they may have been exposed to a long-dormant virus or bacteria.

April 29, 2056: At 11:45 pm a snow storm appears out of nowhere, cutting visibility to zero. A transmission from the expedition is received at 11:55 pm: “Something has gone wrong…we’re getting the hell out of here!” A second transmission is received, from the expedition helicopter, at 11:57 pm: “It’s after us…God…no feet…flying…help!” No further transmissions are received.

April 30, 2056: Today.


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